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July 31, 2010

I typically do not like Black and Navy together.  I always thought this looked like a bruise or that you were trying match and didn’t quite make the mark.  I wanted to wear something dark today because I’m leading worship SO this was what I had left, and I actually don’t dislike it!

HMD Top, BDG Skinnies, Kenneth Cole Reaction Sandals

Linited Necklace and HMD black earrings

F21's starting to rip and I'm SO BUMMED! I've worn it out.

CELEBRATE the end. Check back Monday for a little giveaway action!! Thanks for sticking it out with me!


Ready to Leave the Station
July 30, 2010

I am so ready for August 1st to be here.  I have had fun with this challenge, but I’m ready for it to be over.  I love pictures at abandoned train stations, my favorite picture ever of Andrew and me is at a loading dock that we thought was abandoned, but has since been painted…I was disappointed that the doors are no longer white, but whatever.  It cooled off a little and I actually got to wear my re-purposed bottom of my maxi dress as a scarf, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this item 🙂

Old Navy HMD, ATL Skinnies, NY&Co Flip Flops

Love the Antique coloring, every picture in my house someday will be printed like this!

Re-purposed Maxi Dress Scarf

This was my Grandmother's necklace I got when she passed stylish was she? Some of my best jewelry is from her collection.

Sun Shiny Day
July 29, 2010

Today I wore this for half the day, the other half I wore comfy close, sue me!  I have found that skirts are no longer comfortable to me.  I used to wear skirts all the time, but now every time I wear them I can’t WAIT to put some pants or shorts on.  I didn’t love this outfit, but I’m getting to the bottom of the barrel, only 2 days left!!!!!!!!!

Tulle Top, Abercrombie skirt circa 2002

I find that the more I wear this shirt the less I like it...probably going to give this one away in August.

Earrings from my mom's jewelry drawer

I really hope all you re-mixers out there are making it.  I’m following some of you and have enjoyed the support of knowing there are others out there who are as crazy as I am to sign up for such a thing.  I could not do this challenge without my photographer/friend Jenna!

Painted on Pants
July 28, 2010

Every time I get these pant out of the wash I call them my white painted on pants.  I love the way they look, but are a little too tight for comfort.  Surprisingly I think this will be one of those things that I won’t wear the rest of the summer because I’ve gotten tired of wearing them so much!  Today is my mom’s birthday so in a couple hours I’m meeting my mom, dad, and husband for a little birthday lunch, I am definitely looking forward to it!

Lovely little park in Urbana

NY&Co Top, Limited Capris, Target Sandals

Banana Republic Necklace, NY&Co Gold Hoops

3 more days! I'm ready to finish this challenge.

My Awkward Shot of the day, I believe Jenna titled this the Samson?

July 27, 2010

This is what I picture that place in that book to look like.  This is my friend’s backyard, how awesome is that?  I’m pretty sure I would get two adirondack chairs and sit out there sipping Diet Coke every night!

Did I mention this is on a farm, I didn't know farms could be this pretty!

Ann Taylor Loft Top

Earrings from Bella, they were $34, I got them for $6!

Nine West Handbag, Banana Republic Jeans, F21 Sandals

Am I Done Yet?
July 26, 2010

I’m ready to wear my other clothes now…Sunday morning you better believe I’ll have my whole outfit planned!  I’m tired of the clothes I’m using and I know Jenna is tired of getting together with me to do pictures.  We are both anxiously awaiting August 1st that’s for sure!  How are you remixers out there doing??

I used the bottom of my maxi dress as a cumberbund belt was cute and tight at the beginning of the day and got looser and lower as the day progressed. I'll wash it and wear it as a scarf this fall.

I love pockets in a skirt! Top Limited, Skirt American Eagle, Shoes Target

I look tired, I am tired...I had to leave my house at 6:45 to get to work this morning!'s jewelry drawer.

I love the way the editing makes this shirt look. Oh and you'll constantly be seeing these rings!

July 25, 2010

And poof, a maxi dress becomes a short dress.  The last couple times I’ve worn this dress I’b felt self conscious that it was too short to be a maxi dress so thanks to the help of the amazing Jenna I have now cut it off to a short dress.  I will do my best this week to show you want I did with the rest of the material from the dress in another outfit.  the beauty of jersey is you don’t have to hem it and it will not fray.  So all you ladies out there that have shrunk your maxi dress, cut it off and give it new life!!!

Our Second attempt at getting good lake shots, this is a different lake though.

Express Top, F21 former maxi dress

Rummaged through my mom's jewelry drawer 🙂 It's from NY&Co

And Again, my mom's from NY&Co. I forgot to bring jewelry with my while we are staying at their house.

I'm posting this because I like the location and the editing, AND because I wanted to show you how awkward I look in some of the photos...this looks very unnatural!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL and relaxing Sunday, I’m off to go hang out with the hubs…we are taking full advantage of house sitting rights and strolling around in the convertible this afternoon.

Hunger Strike
July 24, 2010

Every time my parents go out of town our family dog goes on a hunger strike.  He doesn’t eat and just mopes around.  Mr. Campbell and I are watching Lennox for the week and this morning he didn’t eat as usual.  I thought to cheer him up and hopeful get him to eat I’d include him in the pictures today.  He loves to get his picture taken and wouldn’t you know as soon as we were done he went back and ate his “breakfast”…it was 3:30 so I decided to only feed him half his dinner at 7:00 tonight.  He is such a crazy dog!

NY&Co Top, ATL pants, Target Sandals

He loves to give high fives!

This is what I always wear to walk the dog....not!

I LOVE my BR necklace

This was when he slimed my leg with slobber and I was telling him that was gross

I love our sweet little boy...or not so little boy.

July 24, 2010

So I thought I was struggling on this 31 for 31 challenge.  Then I found THIS incredible woman and I feel like a moron for thinking I was being creative OR that what I was doing was at all a challenge!  You must go check her out!  I will say some of the stuff I totally wouldn’t wear, but there are a lot of things on there that look like she bought them in a chic boutique… now I REALLY wish I could sew.  Check back later for today’s outfit.  I’m done in ONE WEEK from today 🙂  WHOHOO

July 24, 2010

This dress is too short, so when I actually wore it I put brown leggings underneath….when we took this picture the heat index was 107 and I wasn’t about to put leggings on to go out in that!  I know what you are probably thinking…Laura, it’s not fall!  I’m just so sick of the summer heat that I decided I’d bring some fall to my day and wear a think brown belt and a brown and creme necklace.  To me that is very autumn, what do you think, does this look work for summer or does it look too hot?  Oh and I DID wear the cardigan while I taught a short class at my church….they keep it like an ice box in there.  Sorry I’m a day late AGAIN.   I got to the end of my day yesterday at 11:45 and all I wanted to do was crawl in bed so I did.  I will do my best to get todays outfit up TODAY.  I hate being behind.

Gifted Dress, F21 Gladiators

F21 Belt

Necklace from BELLA in Champaign, NY&Co earrings (as usual!)

Green Cardigan from Old Navy (You can't have too many cardigans!)

This was day 23 of 31!  I’m so ready to be done, but so glad I’m doing this at the same time.  It’s been great to look at my clothes is different ways and challenge myself to mix and match colors and items I wouldn’t have thought to do.  I think I still have one piece I haven’t worn…I’ll try to bust it out this week!  Check back later for hopefully today’s outfit!