Pop of Color

Today I’m working at my boutique job so I thought I’d stay “New Yorker” for the most part in all black.  I had to punch it up a bit with this enormous necklace.  When I bought this one, the people at the store told me that they thought it was pretty ugly and that they were waiting to see the person that would buy it.  I personally think it’s fabulous and I wear it every chance I get!

Limited Top, BDG Urban Outfitters Black Jeans

This location is fabulous!

Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals from TJMaxx

NY&CO Earrings, Ann Taylor Loft Necklace

If you are wondering....yes this necklace is heavy!


7 Responses

  1. I agree. . .the necklace is great!

  2. Love the necklace! I could see it being one of those pieces that isn’t as impressive in a display, but it definitely spices up your outfit! I like how the simplicity of your outfit complements the pop of color.

  3. Uhmmm… okay those people have the worst selling strategy I’ve ever heard. Ever. Who tells someone that what they are about to PAY to own is ugly?! WHO DOES THAT?!

    Okay sorry. Sometimes rudeness still shocks and awes me.

    I agree with you. Cute necklace. 🙂

  4. What the hell kind of person says that to someone who is buying the necklace? How stinking rude. And stupid, from a sales point of view.

    I love how it gives such a punch of color to a black outfit!

  5. the necklace is fab- they obviously did not know anything about style!!

  6. Are you kidding me?! I LOVE that necklace! I also liked how you styled the maxi dress on your next post – very cute!

  7. I love that necklace — especially the brooch-like flower part. The people who sold it to you obviously had no idea what they were talking about.

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