Jeggings are Not Jeans

This may offend some of my readers, but it’s my blog so I guess I can share my own opinions.  Leggings are not pants, if you are going to wear leggings, please cover your bum.  When I bought these jeggings (jean leggings) I thought I wouldn’t get much out of them, but come to find out I wear them often.  I picked this dress for my wedding rehearsal dinner a couple years ago and it is WAY shorter than I would typically wear so I started pairing it with these jeggings.

Gifted Dress, F21 Jeggings, Target Leopard Flats

They finally revitalized this park

F21 Earrings and Necklace

So glad I bought these!

F21 Belt, Bling courtesy Mr. Campbell


5 Responses

  1. I completely agree with you. Leggings aren’t pants. While I will admit leggings are very comfy, they deserve to paired with a good long tunic at least. Love your earrings by the way!

  2. I totally agree that leggings aren’t pants – you need something else covering your backside. I have a pair of jeggings (I’ve never heard them called that!) and I wear them all the time. I should’ve included them in my 30 for 30! Oh well 🙂 Cute shoes!

  3. i agree… leggings/jeggings are definitely not pants. The purple looks amazing on you!

  4. I totally agree that leggings are not pants and should never be worn unless your arse is covered, so tacky. Although I also hate Jeggings, no offence just really don’t like them. Love your earrings though!!

    Ive just posted my first 2 looks Daisy Dayz Home

  5. I totally agree!

    And I also have those leopard flats. Aren’t they fantastic?! So comfy, instantly add interest and go with practically everything.

    Now I need to go find some jeggings like yours. I love how you paired them with that dress! So cute!

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