Best Spot in Town

This tree is arguably the best spot in town, it actually has an entire park dedicated just to the tree.  My hubby and I have gone here several times and had at least one photoshoot here, if not more.  I love how this tree is spread out and massive.  How cool would it be to have a tree house in this tree…only if you could do so without damaging it!  Check back tomorrow for a guest post by my photographer and makeover stylist…you won’t want to miss it!

It finally cooled off today and I was able to wear my jacket!!

Tulle Top, Limted Capris, ATL Jean Jacket

I'm sure you are getting tired of these target sandals, but I love the way they photograph and I like seeing them in different locations.

HMD necklace due to the tall neckline

I really only started wearing this jacket for the challenges and I've had it a few years...this is stretching me!


3 Responses

  1. I LOVE the lighting! Nice work, J.

  2. I love the yellow and turquoise together, and with the white jeans – such a crisp, fresh summer outfit! Love it!

  3. Not tired of the sandals – they seem to go with everything!

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