And poof, a maxi dress becomes a short dress.  The last couple times I’ve worn this dress I’b felt self conscious that it was too short to be a maxi dress so thanks to the help of the amazing Jenna I have now cut it off to a short dress.  I will do my best this week to show you want I did with the rest of the material from the dress in another outfit.  the beauty of jersey is you don’t have to hem it and it will not fray.  So all you ladies out there that have shrunk your maxi dress, cut it off and give it new life!!!

Our Second attempt at getting good lake shots, this is a different lake though.

Express Top, F21 former maxi dress

Rummaged through my mom's jewelry drawer 🙂 It's from NY&Co

And Again, my mom's from NY&Co. I forgot to bring jewelry with my while we are staying at their house.

I'm posting this because I like the location and the editing, AND because I wanted to show you how awkward I look in some of the photos...this looks very unnatural!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL and relaxing Sunday, I’m off to go hang out with the hubs…we are taking full advantage of house sitting rights and strolling around in the convertible this afternoon.


One Response

  1. That looks great! I love the color of the top on you too. And that ring is fabulous!

    I’m always quite jealous of people who can breathe new life into their clothes by making little alterations like that. I’m just not that inventive or crafty!

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