Ready to Leave the Station

I am so ready for August 1st to be here.  I have had fun with this challenge, but I’m ready for it to be over.  I love pictures at abandoned train stations, my favorite picture ever of Andrew and me is at a loading dock that we thought was abandoned, but has since been painted…I was disappointed that the doors are no longer white, but whatever.  It cooled off a little and I actually got to wear my re-purposed bottom of my maxi dress as a scarf, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this item 🙂

Old Navy HMD, ATL Skinnies, NY&Co Flip Flops

Love the Antique coloring, every picture in my house someday will be printed like this!

Re-purposed Maxi Dress Scarf

This was my Grandmother's necklace I got when she passed stylish was she? Some of my best jewelry is from her collection.


One Response

  1. oh i do love this color combination! and that necklace is beautiful! I have a few pieces from my great grandmother that I always think, wow, what a stylish lady she must have been!

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