In celebration of my 31 for 31 being complete I am doing a giveaway from none other than Thirty-One.  If you’ve never heard of this company you must check it out.  To enter the giveaway go to the website HERE, click on View Our Catalog and choose your favorite item.  Then leave it in the comments section.  The winner will receive this new fall product, it’s our Little Carry All that can be used for tons of different organizing purposes.  It will hold a Nintendo DS and some games.  If you are having trouble looking at the catalog if you click the zoom button at the top you can get a better view.  Also at the back of the catalog you can see all the products condensed down.  I will be closing the giveaway on Friday August 6th at NOON.

The winner can choose between Black and White Stripe OR The Cool Lime Ditzy. Unfortunately I do not have this print up for grabs, but it's the only picture I could get!

If you have any questions about Thirty-One I’d love to answer them for you.  I love this company and would love to share with you how great they are!  If I get a good response from this giveaway I’d love to do possibly one per month, so tell your friends!


10 Responses

  1. Um, how can I choose just one favorite! You know I’d buy the whole catalog if I were rich!

    I love the Retro Metro Bag in Mod Dot, so I’ll go with that.

    The fall patterns are so cute! I wish the St. Andrews ones were on more products, though! I love those colors!

  2. I definitely need the jewelry roll or one of the utility totes!

  3. Can I just buy the whole catalog too?

    I love the floral fanfare print. Pretty much any of the items I’d put to use.

    But favorite product – the small lunch tote. I don’t know why I love lunch bags so much, especially now that I’m not working. But it would be perfect to take bottles in now! 🙂

  4. I love the flat iron case as well as the jewelry roll!

  5. I like the City Skirt Purse.

  6. I love the Retro Metro bag!

  7. […] 4 Aug One: My lovely friend Laura is having a giveaway on her blog in celebration of finishing her 31 for 31 fashion challenge. She’s giving away a cute little organizing bag from Thirty-One. I almost didn’t link you there, so I’d have a better chance at winning, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thirty-One stuff! Go check it out! […]

  8. Jewelry Roll!!!

  9. I’m a low-maintenance gal, so I’d choose the wristlet wallet for sure!

  10. I love all your styles this month!

    I really like the Retro Mod in Mod Dot and the Cool Lime Ditzy!

    Thanks Laura,


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