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Thursday Latelies: FOOD
June 30, 2011

Welcome back for another edition of Thursday Latelies hosted by Bex, A Style Diary.  I’ve noticed a lot of you visit the site, but you don’t WATCH THE VIDEO, SO CLICK HERE to see me talk about the things I’m loving lately.  In fact most of the things I am not going to link to so if you want to know what I talk about you’ll have to check it out.  Also if you want to join me on my Lose It endeavor my username is Lauracampbell2008, friend me, even if you don’t know me and you just need a weight loss buddy!

My video cracks me up due to the angle of the camera and me knocking over a whole stack of bowls in the middle.  Check it Out!

Here is a link to my favorite cup ever: CLICK HERE


If You are Anything Like Me…
June 29, 2011

Then you will LOVE these blogs!  I thought I’d link up to some of the ladies’ blogs I am loving right now.  These are all fashion style blogs that I am giddy about when they pop up in my reader:

Bex, A Style Diary: This girl can THRIFT and she just has a stinking great heart!

Rose A La Mode: She is adorable and her and her husband are great with finances so check out her husbands site as well.

BEE: Oh.My.Word. Holy. Cow. I hope I’ve made it clear she blows my mind!  She is a fashion merchandiser and dresses that role REALLY well, if I had a job that allowed me to wear beautiful outfits I would want this woman’s style, it is wild!

A Pretty Penny: For awhile I thought she was done blogging and then I found out she just moved sites.  She is a very practical stylish dresser.  She is a florist and her creations are beautiful!

Kendi: Of course I still love this woman’s style.  She was one of the very first fashion bloggers I started following, her remixing is incredible.  So if you need some inspiration to not go shopping, but look great, this is your girl!

Trend Tuesday: Wedges
June 28, 2011

So this trend has been around for a LONG time, but now they are making a big surge again due to the new popularity in the Bell Bottom.  Who would have thought these would make a comeback already.  I have yet to purchase a pair and to be honest I don’t think I have quite the right build for a flare jean, they look cute on the thin tall ladies, but anyway here are some wedges if you are blessed to have the body for the bell bottoms or if you are a skirt wearer that likes some comfy height.  I chose a few pairs from Target and they are all on sale and under $30.

Need might be an over-exaggeration, but I REALLY want these!!

I would get tons of wear out of this neutral number

You can never have enough black shoes, right?


Thursday Latelies: Friends and Family
June 23, 2011

Hello beauties and possibly handsomes (I may have some male readers?)  It’s time again for Thursday Latelies hosted by Bex, A Style Diary.  I’m trying out videos on YouTube so CLICK HERE to see this weeks VLOG.  Here is a recap of the video:

1. Lose It!  Ok so I miss spoke in the video you do not have to have an iPhone it’s all online, it just CAN sync to the phone.

2.  Almond Soap: much more expensive on Amazon, TJMAXX always has it so I’d check there first

3.  Blazer from Target (cannot find it online) Looked for similiar, not finding anything like it, sorry!

4.  Great time with friends and family!


Trend Tuesday: Mineral Make-up
June 21, 2011

I know this trend has been around for a long time, but there are lots of different brands now and I have found a cheap brand that I really like so I thought I’d share it with you.  My sister-in-law got me Bare Minerals when I was in high school for Christmas, that was really when I started wearing makeup on a regular basis and I felt like I could actually tolerate wearing this makeup all day and it never made me break out.  Since then I have never tried anything but mineral makeup, but I have found a cheaper version that is reportedly better for your skin than the Bare Minerals.  Apparently Bare Minerals has talcum powder in it which is bad for your skin.  My sister-in-law introduced me to Erth Minerals which is what I’ve been wearing for the last few years and at half the price it’s awesome all around!

Thursday Latelies: TRAVEL
June 16, 2011

Hi Ladies, excited to do another edition of Thursday latelies.  I’m exploring some video options, but for now you can check it out HERE!!!!!  I’m sorry I am still not able to embed the video!  I look forward to seeing all the other videos, be sure to link up on Bex, A Style Diary.  I apologize for how close the video is to my face and for the lack of make-up 🙂


1.  Time with family and friends!!!!!!

2.  Thirty-One Liquids Travel bag: HERE


4.  Hobo Wallet: HERE  There are other colors and really cute prints

5.  Karen Kingsbury Books: HERE okay WOW she has written even more than I thought!

6.  Lip Gloss: okay Bath and Body no longer sells this SORRY!!

7.  Love traveling alone and talking to my neighbors, yes I am that annoying person on the plane that likes to talk!

Trend Tuesday: Shorts
June 14, 2011

It’s HOT here in Texas, like 100 EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  I knew it would be hot when we moved here, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the daily triple digits in June.  Oh well, it’s just the perfect excuse to buy some new clothes…shorts of course.  I am not a huge shorts wearer, honestly I have long thinish legs so I’m not weird about my legs, but I think when I wear shorts the rest of my body looks extremely squatty.  That’s just something I have to get over, so here are some of my favorite shorts from Forever21.  I try to stick to my $20 for bottoms rule so all of my choices are under $20.  Currently it’s tough to find shorts on a super sale since we are just getting into warmer weather, so I suggest getting a few pairs of cheap basic shorts to get you through the summer and then stocking up on higher quality shorts when they go on sale at the end of the season.  Here are my top picks for dressy, jean and white shorts.

Love this trend for the summer season and at $17.80 it won't break your budget!

Here is a great midlength short, probably most appropriate for my age. Comfy and Casual $17.80.

White Pair has cute back button pockets. Also $17.80


Thursday Latelies: Random Tidbits
June 9, 2011

Hello everyone, this is my first time joining Bex, A Style Diary for Thursday latelies and I’m excited to become part of the group.  Go over to her site and check out all the other VLOGS.  So you have to get a subscription to upload videos on wordpress, therefore you will have to go HERE to see my video this week (sorry for that inconvenience).  At some point I will get the subscription, I’m just in a hurry today and don’t want to spend $60 just yet!


1. Crate and Barrel Towel they have other colors on sale too!

2.  Half Price Living: Found HERE

3.  Family Time is so sweet

4.   Brianna’s Poppy Seed Dressing: Found HERE

5.  Making Returns to make back money 🙂





















Trend Tuesday: Granite Countertops
June 7, 2011

When my husband and I bought our first house this past February we really wanted granite counter tops.  I hunted and found a great sale at Home Depot and we almost bit the bullet and purchased the granite, but then we chickened out because it was going to be somewhere around $3000 and although at the time we had it, we learned later how quickly money leaks out of your account when you get your first place!  So I searched online, read some blogs and settled on Giani Granite.  I was a bit skeptical at first and I figured it wouldn’t ACTUALLY look like granite, but we had to do something with our counter tops so I figured I’d give it a try for $60.  They turned out pretty great and I’ve had some people fooled into thinking it was actually granite.  I chose the Sicilian Sand and kept it a little bit dark, but there are several colors you can choose from.  If you have a question, leave a comment!

The were dirty dingy cream before so this was a drastic change!

And here is a close up

Too Late!
June 5, 2011

So for me it’s about 3 years too late.  I’m sure thousands of people got married today and I wonder if any of them used THE LIMITED wedding collection.  That’s right, The Limited is selling wedding dresses and beautiful bridesmaid dresses at extremely affordable prices.  I’m not sure if any of the dresses would have worked for my body, but I definitely would have loved to use one of the bridesmaid dresses and saved my ladies some serious dough.  Here are my top picks for saving money on wedding apparel:

The back is simple and beautiful on this one

Classy for a casual wedding.

Simple and Beautiful!

Comes in other colors, but this one is the most unique

I think this is the one I would have picked in this eggplant color. It comes in a bunch of colors though!