Trend Tuesday: Shorts

It’s HOT here in Texas, like 100 EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  I knew it would be hot when we moved here, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the daily triple digits in June.  Oh well, it’s just the perfect excuse to buy some new clothes…shorts of course.  I am not a huge shorts wearer, honestly I have long thinish legs so I’m not weird about my legs, but I think when I wear shorts the rest of my body looks extremely squatty.  That’s just something I have to get over, so here are some of my favorite shorts from Forever21.  I try to stick to my $20 for bottoms rule so all of my choices are under $20.  Currently it’s tough to find shorts on a super sale since we are just getting into warmer weather, so I suggest getting a few pairs of cheap basic shorts to get you through the summer and then stocking up on higher quality shorts when they go on sale at the end of the season.  Here are my top picks for dressy, jean and white shorts.

Love this trend for the summer season and at $17.80 it won't break your budget!

Here is a great midlength short, probably most appropriate for my age. Comfy and Casual $17.80.

White Pair has cute back button pockets. Also $17.80



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