Thursday Latelies: Friends and Family

Hello beauties and possibly handsomes (I may have some male readers?)  It’s time again for Thursday Latelies hosted by Bex, A Style Diary.  I’m trying out videos on YouTube so CLICK HERE to see this weeks VLOG.  Here is a recap of the video:

1. Lose It!  Ok so I miss spoke in the video you do not have to have an iPhone it’s all online, it just CAN sync to the phone.

2.  Almond Soap: much more expensive on Amazon, TJMAXX always has it so I’d check there first

3.  Blazer from Target (cannot find it online) Looked for similiar, not finding anything like it, sorry!

4.  Great time with friends and family!



2 Responses

  1. Hi! saw your thursday latelies on bex style diary! I’m super pumped about that app for the iphone! I’m going to download it today! That’s such a good idea! Loving your bargain shopping! I’m a bargain shopper at heart as well!


  2. Good to see you again this week! Food journaling is SO beneficial. Calories are so sneeky and they hide in the craziest places.
    Hey, my mom always used almond lotion so that smell reminds me of my mom too 😉
    I LOVE KRISTIN WIG!! High five for the $10 blazer!
    Family time rocks. Hubs and I are itching for family time but we get some next week cant wait.

    Hope to see you next Thursday.

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