If You are Anything Like Me…

Then you will LOVE these blogs!  I thought I’d link up to some of the ladies’ blogs I am loving right now.  These are all fashion style blogs that I am giddy about when they pop up in my reader:

Bex, A Style Diary: This girl can THRIFT and she just has a stinking great heart!

Rose A La Mode: She is adorable and her and her husband are great with finances so check out her husbands site as well.

BEE: Oh.My.Word. Holy. Cow. I hope I’ve made it clear she blows my mind!  She is a fashion merchandiser and dresses that role REALLY well, if I had a job that allowed me to wear beautiful outfits I would want this woman’s style, it is wild!

A Pretty Penny: For awhile I thought she was done blogging and then I found out she just moved sites.  She is a very practical stylish dresser.  She is a florist and her creations are beautiful!

Kendi: Of course I still love this woman’s style.  She was one of the very first fashion bloggers I started following, her remixing is incredible.  So if you need some inspiration to not go shopping, but look great, this is your girl!


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