Trend Tuesday: Festive Wear

I was going through some old pictures this past weekend and found a picture with my 2nd grade teacher.  She was wearing a lemon and orange appliqued t-shirt to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.  I then thought about how often I had teachers who would literally wear the holiday on their body.  Whether it be an ugly Christmas sweater or a Valentine’s Day vest.  Or the dreaded holiday earring.  What were they thinking?  Fashion bloggers all over the country celebrated the 4th without wearing a flag so I thought I’d share some of these lovely festive outfits with you!  Starting with two of my 4 weekend looks…

I wore this to an afternoon birthday party. The red is on the toes.

Wore this to church and had to dodge children with brownie hands that wanted to touch my white pants 🙂 The ladder was still up from our weekend of home improvements...more on that later!

Then there is this festive wear, which of course isn't for Independence day, but it could be minus the maple leaf and adding a navy handbag. Goodness she is stunning!

And here are a few bloggers who showed their pride without wearing an American flag as an outfit!

Jenny Lynne



and of course BEE


What did you wear to celebrate the day?



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