Date Night

I love date night.  I am blessed to have a job where I get off at 1:30 on Fridays so I have time to come home, shower, paint my toes, shave my legs, do my makeup and style my hair.  All things I pretty much don’t have time for the rest of the week.  We had plans to got to a recommended restaurant, but when we called to make a reservation they said we couldn’t and it would be over an hour wait so we decided to go to Reales a locally owned Italian restaurant, it was DELICIOUS.  Definitely went over on calories today, but once a week is acceptable and it was worth it!  Here is what I wore… the dress is pretty short, but I figured since I was out with my sweetie it was acceptable!

Blush dress (purchased for my rehearsal dinner 3 years ago)

Gold Bangles- gifted, Watch- Target, Sandals F21, Earrings- Limited

P.S. I apologize for no Thursday latelies yesterday.  There are a lot of reasons I didn’t post, but I promise I’ll have a video next week that  you can see my new beautiful woodwork.



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