Thursday Latelies: No Products

Hello readers.  I’m back this week with another VLOG joining up with Bex, A Style Diary and all the other lovely people that share things that bring joy to their life!  If you want to WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE!  It is a lot of random things this week and I don’t have any products for you, but you do get to see one of the rooms in my house and I know some of you have been itching to see this project finished.

1.  Hearth Room/RUG

2.  Parents are visiting 🙂

3.  Friday Night Lights…watch it!

4.  KIK Messenger





2 Responses

  1. This week was my first Thursday Lately (!

    Instead of staying in the US to purchase a home, my husband and I moved to Sydney! Of course, we’re jealous of everyone, like yourself, who is getting to decorate their home and nest, but we’ll get to it someday. I love that wainscoting they put up! You definitely seem like a DIYer, much like my husband and me.

    Great getting to know more about you and I look forward to hearing about your parents’ stay next week. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. YAY for a new room!! Job well done to you!
    Cool app, Blackberry Messenger was the same thing for Blackberries. I really enjoyed being able to tell when someone read my message.
    It was so good to see you again this week!


    Ps.I LOVE pinterest

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