31 for 31 Details

I thought I’d give all of you a glimpse into my typical pool of clothes to choose from daily.

Here is my full closet. Yes it is colored coded from black to white with the rainbow in the middle. It makes for easy decisions!

Here is the Teeny Tiny Section I get to choose from for the next 31 days, starting at the Plum colored dress.

Here is the list of my 31 items I chose with the prices.  I want to show you how you can spend relatively little money and still have variety in your closet.

7 Shirts:

-Red and White Stripe Ruffle: Gifted (NY and Co)

-White Tie Blouse: $15 (Ann Taylor Loft)

-Navy Sleeveless Cowl Neck: HMD (Charlotte Russe)

-Green Wrap Top: $10 (Express)

-Orange Floral: HMD (Old Navy)

-Multi Colored Top: $10 (Limited)

-Pink Cowl Neck: gifted (NY and Co)

4 Cardigans and 1 Jacket:

-Navy Cardigan: gifted (Gap)

-Gray Cardigan: $2 (Old Navy)

-Green Cardigan: $10 (Old Navy)

-White Cardigan: $30 (Gap)…SPLURGE

-Jean Jacket: $15 (Ann Taylor Loft)

2 Skirts:

-White Tie Waist: $15 (Abercrombie)

-Navy Pocket Skirt: gifted (American Eagle)

3 Jeans, 1 Capri, 1 Short, 1 Jegging:

-Trouser Jean: $40 (Banana Republic)…..SPLURGE

-Skinny Ripped Jean: $20 (Ann Taylor Loft)

-Black Cigarrette Leg Jeans: $50 (BDG from Urban Outfitters)….SPLURGE

-White Capri Jeans: $5 (The Limited)

-Navy Shorts: $8 (Banana Republic)

-Jean Leggings a.k.a. Jeggings: $4 (Forever21)

3 Dresses:

-Black Ruffle: $20 (The Limited)

-Plum Deep V Neck: gifted (T.J. Maxx)

-Gray Maxi: $10 (Forever21)

6 Shoes:

-White Flip Flops: $7.50 (NY&Co)

-Brown jeweled Sandal: $12 (Target)

– Gold Gladiator: $8 (Forever21)

-Leopard Flats: $9 (Target)

-Metallic Heels: $15 (Target)

– Beaded Black Sandals: $15 (T.J.Maxx)

This brings me to a grand total of $370.50 which when you divide that out by 31 days I can dress for $11.95 per day!  This even includes my splurges.  I typically don’t spend more than $20 on bottoms, but I needed a couple really good staple pieces and therefore I bought my black skinnies and my trouser jeans.  Also I have found that it is very hard to find white cardigans on sale because they sell out before they go on sale and therefore I splurged and spent more than usual on my white cardigan.  Oh, and HMD means Hand Me Down, items that people didn’t want that were given to me.

Here are my clothing photos:  I had 31 items, but I accidentally left my gray maxi dress at home, so imagine another dress on here!  You’ll see it in the mix.


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  1. I love that you’ve worked out the average amount that each of your outfits has cost! It’s a really great idea – I can’t wait to see what you wear. I’m planning to start my 30 days on the 10th, wish me luck! And good luck to you 🙂

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