About the Bargain Shopper!

I love a good bargain.  I think this probably came from my mom being so…thrifty…,yeah that’s the word, while we were growing up.  I’ve learned that you can look great and not spend a fortune.  I used to have a personal rule that I couldn’t spend more than $10 on a top and $20 on a bottom.  I’ve become slightly more lenient now that I have graduated college and live in a dual income home, but I will still never pay full price for an item and it tickles me pink to get 90% off an item at the end of a season.  If for no other reason this blog is to track the trends and savings I find over the years.  I hope I can inspire you to spend wisely and look fabulous!


One Response

  1. I absolutely love your site! I just graduated college and am going into teaching so I definitely feel you on dressing teachery haha. Keep up the great blog!


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