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July 18, 2011

Are you interested in following me on Pinterest?  I just got Pinterest last week and I’m in love with this thing!  It’s an awesome place to catalog all the things you are loving and inspired by.  If you want to check me out CLICK HERE.  If you are on pinterest let me know, I’d love to follow you and get more ideas!


July 6, 2011

That’s how much money I am searching for in my couch cushions in order to buy a dresser that I’ve been thinking about for the last 2 months!  Unfortunately this amount of money is WAY out of our budget like 10 times more than I can justify spending on a dresser.  Honestly the hubs and I have little need for a dresser.  Our closets are large enough that everything fits, but our room looks ridiculously bare without one so I’m on the quest for the perfect piece of furniture to fill space and of course once we get it we will have it full of clothes.  It’s funny how you grow to fit the space you have!  Until I find a cheap piece to satisfy me I’ll leave you with a picture of my dream dresser (which is actually a dining buffet)

BTW does anyone know of any good furniture consignment shops in the Austin area??

Too Late!
June 5, 2011

So for me it’s about 3 years too late.  I’m sure thousands of people got married today and I wonder if any of them used THE LIMITED wedding collection.  That’s right, The Limited is selling wedding dresses and beautiful bridesmaid dresses at extremely affordable prices.  I’m not sure if any of the dresses would have worked for my body, but I definitely would have loved to use one of the bridesmaid dresses and saved my ladies some serious dough.  Here are my top picks for saving money on wedding apparel:

The back is simple and beautiful on this one

Classy for a casual wedding.

Simple and Beautiful!

Comes in other colors, but this one is the most unique

I think this is the one I would have picked in this eggplant color. It comes in a bunch of colors though!

For Real?
June 3, 2011

I know some of you might be thinking…are you back for good?  I’ve been really sporadic over the last couple years.  I started with Kendi’s remix challenge summer of 2010 and then I’ve posted a few times since then, but I’ve definitely been on again off again.  Well after thinking a lot about it I’m back for good!  I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve for posts and I will surely post every Tuesday and Thursday.  I will definitely try to do more than that, but I’m committing to those two days!  I hope you come along with me on this journey again.  Kendi is starting up the remix challenge in mid-June and I think I may be joining up with her again!  I need some motivation to get dressed, I’m in the same rut with being a nanny and wearing the same few things everyday.  Let me know if you are joining Kendi in this challenge, I’d love to give you some link love!  Also now that I’m decorating my first house this is no longer strictly a fashion blog, I’ll also be posting house trends that you can do for less as well.

Super Groupon
June 2, 2011

Not sure if y’all are familiar with Groupon.  I was introduced to this site when we moved to Texas, I guess mostly they are in big cities.  I’ve only purchased one, but if you have an Iphone it’s very convenient because there is an app that stores all your groupons and you never have to print anything to redeem them.  Pretty snazzy, that technology!  So today’s is for Old Navy.  You get $20 at Old Navy for $10 and you can use this coupon on sale merchandise.  So if you’d like to snag some summer tanks on the super cheap check out the site HERE and grab your Groupon!  Here are my picks to use with the coupon: NECKLACE, TANK, and SHORTS.

Helping a Friend Practice her Makeup Skills
October 23, 2010

purposely look sad!

Jane Iredale Makeover at Bella

Hello again
October 12, 2010

I am coming back…I know it’s been awhile, but one of the goals I have as a newly 25 year old is to resurrect my fashion blog.  I can promise you a few things.  I will not be posting daily…at least not at first, I will have some new themes, I will not have the great pictures as I did before, and I will be doing more giveaways.  I have one planned for sometime in November… I already have the prize and it’s a GOOD ONE!  I miss you fashion blog world…its been way to long and I need some inspiration to get me through the winter months!