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Thursday Latelies: DEALS!!!
July 28, 2011

We had such a great week with family and scored some AMAZING deals!!  Most of you know the drill by now CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.  Also don’t forget to go over to Bex, A Style Diary and check out all the other Thursday Latelies.

Got my Dresser HERE

Still Losing It


Cabinet Transformations

Oops and I mis-spoke, blamed my hubs for moving the paint chips…it was definitely my fault 🙂


Thursday Latelies: No Products
July 21, 2011

Hello readers.  I’m back this week with another VLOG joining up with Bex, A Style Diary and all the other lovely people that share things that bring joy to their life!  If you want to WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE!  It is a lot of random things this week and I don’t have any products for you, but you do get to see one of the rooms in my house and I know some of you have been itching to see this project finished.

1.  Hearth Room/RUG

2.  Parents are visiting 🙂

3.  Friday Night Lights…watch it!

4.  KIK Messenger




Thursday Latelies: House Stuff
July 7, 2011

I had a great week and we were super productive!!  It appears that You Tube is having some issues today so I’m uploading on VIMEO and hopefully that’ll work!  If you want to WATCH THE VIDEO, PLEASE CLICK HERE!  As promised in the video here are a few pictures of what we did this past weekend

Andrew's nightstand

My nightstand

Spray painted much better than before!

Thursday Latelies: FOOD
June 30, 2011

Welcome back for another edition of Thursday Latelies hosted by Bex, A Style Diary.  I’ve noticed a lot of you visit the site, but you don’t WATCH THE VIDEO, SO CLICK HERE to see me talk about the things I’m loving lately.  In fact most of the things I am not going to link to so if you want to know what I talk about you’ll have to check it out.  Also if you want to join me on my Lose It endeavor my username is Lauracampbell2008, friend me, even if you don’t know me and you just need a weight loss buddy!

My video cracks me up due to the angle of the camera and me knocking over a whole stack of bowls in the middle.  Check it Out!

Here is a link to my favorite cup ever: CLICK HERE

Thursday Latelies: Friends and Family
June 23, 2011

Hello beauties and possibly handsomes (I may have some male readers?)  It’s time again for Thursday Latelies hosted by Bex, A Style Diary.  I’m trying out videos on YouTube so CLICK HERE to see this weeks VLOG.  Here is a recap of the video:

1. Lose It!  Ok so I miss spoke in the video you do not have to have an iPhone it’s all online, it just CAN sync to the phone.

2.  Almond Soap: much more expensive on Amazon, TJMAXX always has it so I’d check there first

3.  Blazer from Target (cannot find it online) Looked for similiar, not finding anything like it, sorry!

4.  Great time with friends and family!


Thursday Latelies: TRAVEL
June 16, 2011

Hi Ladies, excited to do another edition of Thursday latelies.  I’m exploring some video options, but for now you can check it out HERE!!!!!  I’m sorry I am still not able to embed the video!  I look forward to seeing all the other videos, be sure to link up on Bex, A Style Diary.  I apologize for how close the video is to my face and for the lack of make-up 🙂


1.  Time with family and friends!!!!!!

2.  Thirty-One Liquids Travel bag: HERE


4.  Hobo Wallet: HERE  There are other colors and really cute prints

5.  Karen Kingsbury Books: HERE okay WOW she has written even more than I thought!

6.  Lip Gloss: okay Bath and Body no longer sells this SORRY!!

7.  Love traveling alone and talking to my neighbors, yes I am that annoying person on the plane that likes to talk!