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Packing Theme: Purple, Gray and Black
October 19, 2010

I always have a theme when I pack.  For some of you that might seem really weird, but I’ve convinced my friends to do this and they say is really helps.  You can do different themes like vintage, comfy, beach wear, etc…you get the picture.  The theme I typically do is a color theme.  For Christmas one year my theme was gold and purple, my trip from May was black white and cream, my honeymoon was navy white and cream (we went to Martha’s Vineyard so I found it fitting).  When you pack with a theme you can pack less because everything can be interchanged.  I grew up in a house where you could only have one bag and it was a carry on size.  This past weekend we went to Chicago to meet up with the in-laws.  My theme was Purple, Gray and Black.  I of course got Zero pictures of me wearing the clothes, be here is an iphone shot of the scheme.

Even my pajamas went with the scheme (they were actually the inspiration) upper right hand corner.

* Not pictured are my black boots, jeans, and gray jeggings…didn’t want you to think I went pantsless